Patience in a world at your fingertips


Patience in a world at your fingertips

World at Your Fingertips

The other day my house ran out of cat food, toilet paper and butter all at the same time.  With everyone being down with a cold it was going to be a hassle to leave the house to get what we needed, especially since we were still in pajamas.  But, to our saving grace, Amazon Prime to the rescue!  With a few extra additions to the shopping cart and within two hours, our package arrived!  Talk about easy!  No getting dressed, driving to the store, shopping, waiting in the check out line, etc.  It’s easy to see how this service caught on.  But the purpose of this post is to make a point that not all the things we want come so easily.  The struggle is that we’ve become conditioned to expect things to come easily.

..we’ve become conditioned to expect things to come easily.

Your Fitness Goals and Reality

It would be nice if we could hop online and order what type of fitness results we wanted then wait as someone delivers it to our doorstep.  Reality, however, shows us quickly that is not how it works.  Achieving fitness goals;  a reduction in body fat, increase in strength, improving your endurance, etc., all take time.  And lots of it.  The pitfall is that we as a society tend to give up on our goals after a few short weeks or months.  Success takes years of hard work, consistency, and commitment. Be patient.  The formula is simple.  The struggle is that we want our results now, not later, and if the results aren’t there fast enough we quit.  Few of the things in life that are worth achieving come quickly.  Part of what distinguishes the people who have succeeded from those who have not is refusing to give up.  I’ve seen members at CFC have huge success, and others give up too soon.  My hope is that we all find the will to succeed.  My advice is to settle in for the long haul.  Remind yourself of your vision.  Set off and work hard.  Work consistently.  Stay focused and be patient.  It’s worth it.