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Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. CrossFit is designed for everyone. It is scalable in all aspects making it the perfect fitness regime for any committed individual regardless of experience. All of our CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, the core movements of life.

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24/7 Open Gym

CrossFit Clayton is part of the HybridAF network of gyms. Not only will you have 24/7 access to CrossFit Clayton, but to all the gyms in the network (currently over 40). Ideal for the athlete who follows their own programming and is in need of a fully equipped gym and athletes who need to train during off hours, weekends or holidays. Included is a daily workout that you can follow utilizing the Hybrid philosophy on training.

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Personal Training

Our Personal Training is customized programming tailored to your fitness level and goals. Work with a coach 1-on-1 at a time that best suits your schedule.

Baseball Strength and Conditioning

Coming soon! A sport specific training platform designed for baseball players who want to hit harder, throw faster and play better! Baseball players have specific needs that need to be addressed to not only enhance their performance but prevent common injuries associated with the sport. This program is designed to meet those ends.

Power Yoga

We offer Power Yoga. This vinyasa (flow) is a challenging style centered around asana, meditation and self-transformation.  You will sweat, stretch, and strengthen your mind and body during the practice.  It’s a great compliment to CrossFit; no muscle is left untrained during this class.  By the end, you will feel empowered, peaceful, and ready for anything.

6-week Beginner Course

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